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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

eye love estee lauder

Chinese New Year is one of my favorite festivities of all time. With all the food, feasting, family gatherings, catching up with friends and lohei, it's like 15 full days of FULL of entertainment work. Serious foodie work that's more hectic than regular work days. 
Think most of you will agree than as much as we love our CNY, it can get pretty tiring too. Plus with all the goodies, fried and junk food and sweets, all these treats do take a toll on our skin. 

Be it before your head off to work or a lohei lunch or back from a full day of visiting and the office, taking some ME time off is a treat you've gotta give yourself in between all that feasting and meet ups to stay up top on your CNY game. I usually spend my ME times scrolling through instagram feeds or youtube video, but this too puts a strain on my eyes. So I've been trying to change my ME time to some light reading and just chillin' with a face mask or eye mask. Something which doesn't involve food, the phone, or any electronic gadgets of sorts. 

This year I intend to keep to my resolution and come outta CNY looking good and youthful; be gone tired looking eyes and skin. The beauty gurus of Estee Lauder sent over some beauty goodies over this CNY  to combat my tired eyes, their New Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask. A targeted eye mask with repair technology and triple-layer fresh delivery system for a refreshed and youthful look in just 10mins.

Whats so unique about this eye mask?
This system boasts high-performance eye pads that are saturated on application when you lightly push the serum into the eye pads offering a sustained release and targeted delivery for the eyes only.  The effects are amazing in just mins! It really moistures and plump my skin up, it's so gentle even on my sensitive dry skin. 

This gentle and highly concentrated eye treatment delivers 20x more of Advanced Night Repair's proven ingredients. Your delicate skin around your eyes which are 40% thinner and more delicate is bathed in Lady Thistle, White Birch, Rice Bran Extract, and Hylauronic Acid to soothe and retain moisture deep within the skin's surface.

This new packaging that separates the mask and serum may be slim in packaging but mega on its dosage that's equal to 1/4 bottle worth of hydrating, soothing and repair active of ANR eye gel creme.  It also boasts 10x faster penetration due to its new matrix technology.

How shall we get cracking?
Gently push and "break" the serum into the paper mask and let it fuse into the paper mask.

Open the sealed packaging and leave it under your eyes for 10mins.

After 10 mins, peel off one side and admire at your dewy looking eyes and skin.
Apply on some ANR eye gel.
Then it's time for some eye aerobics.

Gently pat in the hydrating serum and add the gel creme around your eyes and tap it into your eyes like you would with your fingers when playing the piano.
And in 10mins you'll have refresh, relax and dewy eyes. All ready for your next CNY party and VDay too :) What are you waiting for?
Estee Lauder is having a trial at all Estee Lauder counters until the 14 Feb. Hurry down and let your eye do the talking this Day. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hilker's for a restful sleep

Before this post, i had no clue about mattresses other than my 12 year old mattress that mama purchased way back. We were invited to mattress taste test awhile ago and there's so much that goes into shopping for the right one.

Was greeted by a very bubbly Hilker representative Jess who started off by making us go to bed, yeah like literally sleep on it for about 10-15 mins each starting with their 1st generation non-pocketed spring mattress, sleeping our way up to their crown jewel collection- the latest FINGER TOUCH Micro Hybrid Coil and QUAD HD Coil Mattress System.

How to go about choosing the one:

1) Prior to this mattress taste test, I thought testing mattresses means lying on it for a bit to get a feel, but Jess advice was to lie down for 10-15mins to really get a feel of it.

2) A soft or firm mattress depends on your sleeping position. Side sleepers are recommended a soft to medium firm mattress, whereas for back sleepers, Jess shared that mattresses that are too hard is actually bad for your back, akin to sleeping on the floor. Being a back sleeper myself, she recommended a cushioning yet not too hard pocketed spring pressure for minimising lower back aches. This latest Micro Hybrid Coil is a comfort booster as it is about 1/2 the size of a standard pocketed spring coil hence it offers a double surface coverage, a wider weight distribution and better spine support.

3) Not your usual criteria in choosing a mattress, but check out Hilker's Electric Neutralization. Ive been searching abit about negative ions and papa has been into purchasing socks and knee guards with negative ions, as it is claimed to have beneficial health and pain relief. When Jess introduced this point, I immediately lit up cos papa is into this negative ion apparel right now. The coils made from Titanium Alloy, also known as an alternative medicine that nullify the negative charges formed by electromagnetic field. Pain and stiffness may be attributed to our daily consumption and exposure to our phones, laptops etc; Hilker's FINGER TOUCH Micro Hybrid Coil is able to neutralize and eliminate the negative charges, ensuring a restful sleep. No wonder sometimes I still feel so tired even when I wake, this feature is really one of its kind and sways me more towards getting one of these as a health investment :)

4) Lastly, theres always much talk about pocketed spring, and spring count. You'll be glad to know that with the QUAD HD Coil System, they've decoded the code and made a global breakthrough invention with 4 layers of pocketed spring coils, offering up to 10,000 spring counts. Pocketed springs are the foundation of a high quality mattress. The average spring count unit is about 1000-2000, but of course making a mattress decision should not solely be based on isolated factors but the whole feel and combinations to suit you best.

Words are only words, especially when it come to mattress shopping. You've gotta really get down, lie on it, roll around, sleep on it for abit, and choose to what feels best for you. Personally, after the mattress lesson and sleep test, I had a better idea and knowledge about how to go about selecting the most suitable mattress for my needs. Juggling both work at Cheryl W. and shoots here and there, having a good and rested sleep is so important. I get cranky and can't function when I don't sleep well, feel tired upon waking or aches and stiffness.

And why is sleeping so important?
One of the main things we look into weight loss at Cheryl W. is how well do you sleep? Our hunger and metabolism hormones Ghrelin and Leptin are very much interlinked with our sleep which in turns affect our weight. Basically a good night's sleep, help us metabolism fat better as well as keep us feeling satiated and less likely to overeat. On top of that, it's not called beauty sleep for no reason. Sleeping well helps repair and restore our skin cells and prevent accelerated anti ageing due to prolong sleep deprivation.

Sleep on it, check out Hilker's for more info and head down to their showroom at Millenia Walk Harvey Norman to try it yourself :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

#1 Power Brush for my #1 Papa

For those who have been or are on their braces journey would probably agree that the metal mouth experience is kind of an awkward one. Especially if you had it during your tween/teenage years, "not a girl, not yet a woman", when you start to notice boys and wanna flash them your most natural "throw head back" girly laughter, and *PAUSE*

And you go "ERRRMAHGERDDDD I look like Bain from Batman"
And to make the situation more drama, I was a nerdier version of Bain, with those round glasses, frizzy hair, small fish teeth with a sort of bugs bunny like front teeth. *face palm*
Yeah you get the awkward gist of it.

We always have papa to cushion every blow. And when it came to my Bain braces days, Papa was my super hero. Not only he accompanied me on my dental appointments, he had his braces done too!! He accompanied me to every dental appointment to get his braces tighten too and the dentist then was so fierce!! He was famed for being fierce as we can hear him scold his patients while waiting. He would scold me for not brushing enough, when I did!! But it's really quite hard to brush it thoroughly with all that huge metal on my small fish teeth. Braces also gave us so many ulcers, gross! And pain. How to brush?!?!?
But at least having a braces buddy means everytime we tighten and it hurts like crazy, papa would totally understand and bring me for an ice-cream or sorbet. When it comes to brushing, papa actually tried to make a contest if I could make it brushing 7 mins each time. 
Ever since we got our braces out, we've kept to the healthy dental habits. And Papa's favourite tooth brush is the electric toothbrush cos he says it gives him a cleaner feel. Like what you get at the dentist. And it's true cos Oral B Power Brush removes 100% more plague for a dentist clean feel everyday. Its oscillating rotating technology cups each tooth for a precise and thorough clean.
This Father's Day, I wanna gift papa with a meaningful and useful gift, and laugh over our braces days with the #1 Power Brush only for my #1 Papa :)
You can get one for your fabulous Papa this father’s day here

Happy Father's Day!!! 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Year Resolutions begins with Trulife

With the New Year drawing closer, restoring a healthy balanced lifestyle and maintaining youthful skin from an inside-out approach is my 2016 resolution.

The past couple of years, has been a roller coaster ride physically and mentally. In this new year, I'd like to focus on making small little changes to restore health and balance into my system. I once heard a TED talk saying that to make a successful permanent improvement,

Small changes in habits are way easier to follow through than having a long resolution list.
Aside from moderating my eating habits and exercise regimes, I've started to incorporate 2 simple step/supplement into my daily life.

TruLife Herbal Detox System
Collagen Cell Renew or Bird's Nest Drink before bedtime.

Easy to follow, one bottle in morning before breakfast,
one bottle before bedtime.

TruLife Herbal Detox System
This mild herbal detox drink aids digestion and gently cleanses the colon. If you're thinking,
Another diarrhoea kind of colon cleansing???
The kind you have to camp in the toilet all day!!!
Tried and tested this drink past couple of days and no diarrhoea of sorts.
The "weeding out" process is gentle and allows you to continue your daily activities as per normal.
TruLife Herbal Detox drink ($45.95 for box of 10) is a special formula originating from a Traditional Chinese Medicine remedy. IT contains 6 natural active ingredients for fast detoxification with NO  side effects, including Hawthorn fruit that speeds up digestion of oily food and slow down the absorption of fats and carbs.
Alleluia for coming at the right time,
means I can indulge in a little more roast meats and gratins this Christmas and stay lean with my new elf from Trulife :)

TruLife Bird's Nest
It's truly a beauty sleep past week as I indulge in Trulife's Bird's Nest drink before bedtime. 
While we're sleeping, our body goes into repair and rebuild mode,
rejuvenating skin cells, muscles and body tissues.
With an extra boost of bird's nest drink that is packed with collagen and goodness,
with NO colouring
NO preservatives
NO artificial flavouring.
You can safely consume your beauty drink just before you go to bed and wake up all radiant :)

Generic bottled bird's nest drinks are usually overly sweet, but I find Trulife's Rock Sugar acceptable. Instead of having a dessert after dinner, why not swop your dessert for something healthier and beneficial to your skin and body. Retailing at an affordable price at $45.80 for 6 bottles, which is worth every cent to maintain your fountain of youth!

Another point I have to have to must share with you guys is,
TruLife’s sustainable organic farming techniques ensure that it is eco-friendly without compromising on the most stringent and hygienic production process at TruLife’s HAACP-certified facilities. Being environmental and eco friendly, Trulife has definitely got my support. 

TruLife Collagen Cell Renew
Thanks to Trulife, I've been gifted with an array of bedtime beauty drinks. Ive been religiously alternating between the Bird's Nest drink and the Collagen Cell Renew ($56.60 for a box of 10) these past couple of nights coz I'm primping up my skin for this party season. Collagen drinks usually smell kinda fishy and there are some I had to mix with honey to mask the smell of marine life in my mouth. But the pleasant, subtly sweet that isn't cloying of Trulife's Collagen Cell Renew has a nice aftertaste, and together with its thick and rich texture (that's all collagen!!), makes it a refreshing treat especially when chilled. 

Packed with 15000mg of pure micro marine collagen, this drink contains no additives, sugar preservatives or  artificial colour, and is packed with natural collagen peptides-not gelatine-which is more easily absorbed to lock in all that moisture and brighten your complexion in 7 days *preferably taken consecutively for best results*.

Berry EyeHealth
Another favourite herbal supplement, is the Berry EyeHealth.
Having done Lasik earlier this year, it's one of the best things that has happened to me.
Perfect vision.
Wake up and it's all clear!
No more sweaty sliding glasses off my face.
No more carrying contact lenses and cases around.
I could go on and on....
Most importantly, I want to protect and maintain this perfect vision for as long as I can,
and this Berry EyeHealth is my answer!

A friend once shared how his grandma has super duper good eyesight, he said its really the power of Goji berries. This drink not only contains goji berries, it has added bilberry extract! These powerful antioxidants nourish the blood vessels feeding the eye, giving them maximum nutrients and oxygen while protecting against free radical damage. Their Berry EyeHealth is Berry Berry good for you!

Expect a slightly more herbal taste on this one. In fact I found it more "herbally" than the Herbal Detox System. But I'm a huge believer of Chinese herbs and used to taking Chinese medicine, hence all the drinks were palatable to me. 

Beaty and health is really a long term commitment you make to yourself. And one reason I'm a fan of Trulife is because of its research and use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbs in their products, combined with modern supplements. Call me an old soul or ah ma. But I strongly advocate appropriate use of Chinese herbs and medicine when needed instead of popping pills. I've gone though a huge circle of subjecting my body to extremes, popping pills and doing all sorts of fast and fad "health regimes", that now I truly believe health is not a quick fix solution. A gentle and natural approach is always a more sustainable one. Your body will thank you for it and work to its potential. Nourish your body and it'll love you back.

Where to get your Trulife Beauty Fix?
Guardian Pharmacy
NTUC FairPrice
Big Box Megastore
Nishino Pharmacies
Online: Qoo10 and Lazada

They're everywhere and so conveniently located. 

Stay tuned to my facebook and instagram, 
coz I'll be holding a 

we'll be giving away delicious and nutritious goodies from TruLife by answering a simple question from the video :)


Click here to watch full version

Thanks Trulife for gifting me with nutritious goodness to end 2015 on a sweet note and kick start a healthy yummy 2016!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi

Going for Pedicures is a luxury especially when we're so tied up with a million and one things on our checklist. We might even neglect one of our most 'worked out' parts of our bodies, our feet! With all that walking around in heels, dancing/running/spinning classes in covered track shoes, and especially our post London trip, my feet have taken its toll and are as dry as ever.

Thanks to the innovative peeps of Scholl, the leading foot care expert has come up with the perfect new invention to keep callouses at bay.
The all new Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File is an electronix foot file that gently buffs callous dry skin on your feet effortlessly and instantly.

What I love about this product is how straightforward and easy to use. Super appropriate for the tech noob like me. The components are broken down and assembled into its bare minimum and ready to use upon purchase. With a twist of a button, you can start your instant pedi foot buff and in minutes viola! The black buffer roller head is easily detachable to wash after use and/or replace when necessary.

*View at your own discretion my dry and crackly feet before*

Happy feet After

The whole buffing process took me about 5 mins on each foot. After buffing and having post pedi salon feet, and reviewing my before pictures, I felt so ashamed walking around in dry wrinkly cracked feet since my last pedicure!  Beauty really begins at your feet! Beauty isn't just the visible parts that the people can see, but it's important to start grounded and love every part of your body. Give yourself a good treat especially on areas that serve us most and receive the least care, coz they need our love too.

 No excuses for dry feet coz we ain't got time for that pedicure, or when you need an instant quick fix before an upcoming hot date or dinner party. Log on to Scholl's website to find out more. And click here for 10% discount at Redmart, if you purchase before 31 Oct 2015

Bare your sole and key in "rmcheryl" for an additonal 10% when you get your Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi at Redmart, valid util 31st Dec 2015!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Golden Jubilee

The year 1998, 
I was in Primary 5,
and one of the requisites of an 11 year old kid in Singapore was to attend the National Day Parade preview show. 
That show was the start of it all.

It was the 1st time I felt what patriotism was (in a less chimalogic expression)
when tears were just rolling down my face as we recited the pledge and sang our anthem.
As a kid, that was standard protocol every morning,
which really didn't strike me much.
Pretty much more like a chant that we learn and just follow.
But somehow, that night, that little Majulah Singapura seedling trigger something.

I felt so so so so blessed to be a part of something and somewhere so huge and great but yet so homely and comfy.
I felt safe and thankful.
Or perhaps it was the goodies loaded fun pack and McChicken burgers that sold me...
Just Joking. (technically, being a foodie kid that might have sold me)
But what really moved me was the songs, the singing.
The classic hits "Count on Me Singapore"
"Stand up for Singapore"
"This is my country This is my flag"
That eventually lead up to the pledge and anthem really got to me.
And from then on,
my dream was to stand on that National Stadium Stage and sing our National song.
Up till this very day,
this childhood dream holds strong and one of the reasons why I wanna be a performer.
I wanna do Singapore proud, 
contribute in my own way,
big or small,
and if I would have the honour someday to stand on that stage,
it would be my greatest greatest GREATEST privilege.

And this year we celebrate our Golden Jubilee with a long #redandwhiteweekend.
I started out our celebrations on the 1st August with the NDP preview show!!
Thanks to the Jean Yip Group who were part of this year's NDP parade, 
giving back to Singapore styling the performers hair,
we had tickets to the previews and actual show!
And the most exciting part of the show for our family this year is watching Aunty Dawn!
She was invited to sing at this year's NDP!!!
So so so proud of her and it's so meaningful cos it's SG50.

And when this came on screen, 
I was jumping up and down!!
Hey Hey is that our mata mata peeps!!!
I was in that uniform too!!!
Suddenly I felt like,
"I'm really part of history too!!"

That was really one of my greatest takeaway given the opportunity to be on mata mata,
a way in which I could be a part of and play out our history.

check out that cute photo bomber there. Our Nuffnang manager, Selina!! Haven't met this girl in ages, and that week, we so coincidentally met twice. haha can buy 4d.

Spent the #redandwhiteweekend watching the LKY musical.
The fact that it's our Golden Jubilee and the year we mark the passing of our founding father, the man behind everything we have now, pulled our heart strings. 
The LKY musical gave a good glimpse into the wave of struggles and tenacity Mr Lee and Singapore had.
It was indeed a time when no one saw that Singapore could make it, 
But We Did.
He built a nation strong and free....
Reaching out together in peace and harmony.....
*now altogether....*
"This is my country
This is my flag
This is my future
This is my life
These are my family
These are my friends
We are Singapore

On a separate yet similar note,
I always make it a MUST to wear red and white on national day yearly.
We're Singaporeans mah, must bask in the "ang ang mood" (ang= lucky red)
This year it's #redandwhiteweekend ootd for the long weekend!!

Spec: Le Specs
Top: HnM
Skirt: Zara
Belt: Giordano Ladies
Shoes: Tory Burch

 Spent much of the Golden Jubilee filming,
and here's the mata crew (incomplete, missing Shu An, Rifat and Daren) wishing you and Singapore

Love You Much Singapore!!